About BitSV: Your Instant Bitcoin Solution

Welcome to BitSV, where buying and selling Bitcoin is fast, secure, and available 24/7. We're proud to be Australia's premier self-custody platform, putting you in complete control of your Bitcoin holdings. With BitSV, your keys are your Bitcoin, ensuring the highest level of security and ownership.

Why Choose BitSV:

  • Self-Custody, Your Way: We believe in giving you the power to control your Bitcoin. With self-custody, you have absolute ownership and control, making it truly your Bitcoin.
  • Instant Bitcoin Transactions: Buying Bitcoin with BitSV is a breeze. Your funds clear instantly to your Bitcoin address as soon as your AUD funds arrive. No more waiting around – your Bitcoin, your way.
  • Quick and Easy Selling: When you're ready to sell, we ensure that your funds clear to your bank account instantly after just one block confirmation. Speed and simplicity are at the heart of BitSV.
  • Inspired by Your Needs: BitSV was born from the frustrations associated with existing services. We're on a mission to provide a superior and modern solution dedicated to serving the Bitcoin community exceptionally well.

At BitSV, we understand the importance of your Bitcoin security and the need for a platform that meets your expectations. We've crafted our service to make your Bitcoin journey smooth, secure, and satisfying. Welcome to BitSV, your trusted partner in the world of instant Bitcoin transactions. Your Bitcoin experience starts here.